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Philanthropy & Financial Planning – Centre Foundation Blog

We were recently included in a blog about philanthropy and financial planning from the Centre Foundation. The Centre Foundation is a local foundation focused on supporting donors and nonprofits in the State College area in order to create positive change in the community.

This article explores how philanthropy can become part of a person’s financial plan now and into the future. The Centre Foundation partners with financial advisors to achieve the philanthropic goals of donors. Tom King, our owner and Registered Principal, is one of those financial advisors, and we are delighted that he is quoted in the article.

Philanthropy and financial planning is one part of what we do at King Financial Partners, but at its core, it’s similar to all the planning we do with clients – it’s critical to understand the emotional side of what they want to accomplish with their money in the short term and the long term.

As Tom explains in the article, “Finances are intimate and personal. They hit all the things we experience as human beings – security, well-being, lifestyle, dreams, family, and values. Working through the emotional pieces of financial and retirement planning is probably the most important work we do.”

At King Financial Partners, we work closely with the Centre Foundation, which is one of the philanthropic options our clients can consider as part of their financial planning. Working with the foundation is not just a way to provide a meaningful philanthropic opportunity for our clients, but it’s also personal for Tom.

Here’s what he said in the article about his home in Centre County: “I’m proud to live in Centre County, a beautiful and welcoming place to call home, full of active and dedicated residents. It is a special place, and I am committed to keeping it that way. That’s why I love to find ways to give back to causes that positively impact our little part of the world.”

Read the article here:
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